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Welcome to the homepage of Shin-Yokohama Fuji View Hotel ・・・

3 minutes on foot and conditions of location from Shin-Yokohama Station can be also good, and Shin-Yokohama Fuji View Hotel ..Shin-Yokohama.. city use it at ease very conveniently. It is a city resort hotel in settled interior where functional equipment is in order. The Kaga tea lunch dish establishes Japanese food 'Musashino' of famous as an annex in B1F.
Moreover, it also provides also with a natural hot spring that opened in April, 2007 by the charm about the sauna and bedrock bathroom, etc.The condominium establishes the natural hot spring Shin-Yokohama spa as an annex moreover, and the apartment of the apartment house specification of the function enhancement like kitchen and the laundry, etc. in the hotel for the stay. The guest room of making known Because it is business as the hotel industry of Hotel Business Law, security and service are enhanced. I will be different from other weekly apartment houses and the monthly apartment houses, and promise a safe, comfortable stay. The stay can be used from the 1 person one night stay.
As for the access, it is possible also in Yokohama Station and Minatomirai to go to the sightseeing spot like the warehouse of Motomachi, the Chinatown, the Yamashita-cho, and the brick making, Kannai, MINATO MIRAI 21, and the business areas, etc.
conveniently within 30 minutes.
Outskirts include a Nissan stadium, international Athletic stadium, and Yokohama Arena, etc. that became halls of 2002 World Cup, and it enjoys seeing the game of soccer and baseball at intervals of the business.

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